Late October 2016

The dock pressed firmly into my thighs. We rocked ever so slightly with the undulating water-and soft lapping sounds could be heard as the water leapt up and kissed the wood. Comforting.

The ice cold breeze threatened to keep us out of trance -but it only exhilarated me futher. I drank it in, inhaling it through my nostrils in great deep breaths. The chilly air numbed my body -but I didn’t feel it deep within my mind.

The empty lake confronted us with its isolated vibes -the water looked so still and lonely. It looked like an entity that was entirely at peace with being alone, but yet still desired interaction….Will you come swim in me? It said…the small,  uniform waves conveyed a majestic energy…’don’t underestimate my depths’ they seemed to say….The shadows of Autumn magick had been here indeed.


I stared at the water, and I let the frigid wind consume my thoughts and carry them away on the breeze. I had an intense desire to dip my feet in the water -but the low temperature was there to teach me ‘boundaries’. All this scorpio passion! Its had to go somewhere!

I am reminded of the tarot card The Star, which I pulled (reversed) for myself during my latest personal reading. Its message was to deepen my relationship with water, bring the element to more fulfillment in my life. I had been on the look out for a water ritual ever since…..

The biting cold sharpened my senses. I was alert and possessed a strong kinetic energy -ready to jump. It was an interesting paradox, quieting my mind as my senses called out to be heard. I focused on my chilled skin, and brought my mind to center. I stretched through my root chakra, but there was no grounding to be found. I couldn’t even feel the dock underneath me, I sent my light energy straight into the murky water below. She supported me, amplified me, lifted me up and my consciousness boomeranged back through my chakras and shot up through my crown, and I soared up into 5D.

My thoughts fell to Evee, silent next to me, could she feel this too? My consciousness reached out to hers, and I could see the edges of our auras, as if we sat inside giant balloons of gel. The aura gels poured outward across the 3d matrix and converged into one congealed mass. Powerful indeed.

As our auras met the head rush of ascension dared to consume me entirely, and I willed myself to ride it out. My upper chakras spun and whirled, and I thought ‘certainly my head will float off into oblivion’! I focused on the feeling -drawing my consciousness into the higher vibrations of my meditative state. Together we were immensely powerful and I intended to use this opportunity.

I felt the golden aura shield around us pulsating outward. Two light beings in their primal state, sending the vibrations of love and light to all the world. So mote it be.


My 3D body could only take so much of the vibrations of higher density. The sensation of being totally ungrounded is so electrifying, eventually you must return to Earth. With my body still buzzing I gulped in the fresh air, I opened my eyes and prepared to be blinded by the matrix – 3D colors and sights are strikingly brighter after an intense meditation.

I steadied my breathing, the tranquil water mocking me with its serenity -didn’t it know how invigorated I felt?! In contrast the Autumn trees seemed morose and defeated, and here I was so galvanized with life force – I felt I could breathe the life of spring right back into them!

As always, the clarity of meditation flowed through me, and my head swam with existential thoughts. I felt the glimmer of an idea, an impression, for just a moment I understood the meaning of life itself. And, as always, this glimmer faded away like a dream. Swallowed up by the matrix, it was like holding water in your cupped hands. But I have glimpsed enough to know the TRUTH. Something not quite easily explained in words, bound by the limits of our human language. I felt charged in a way I hadn’t experienced before. The convergence of life forces with Evee brought me new levels of enlightenment I hadn’t been able to reach on my own, and we both left the dock feeling lightheaded and aloof….

moon head (2)






If you’re reading this, then THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ❤

Endless bounds of love and light



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A Lammas Message…

Lammas is the first of the harvest festivals. Summer is still heavy in the air, but we are already beginning to see the fruits of our labor…..

lammas tarot 6

What message does the Universe bring us now, on the cusp of Autumn?

lammas tarot 5


Prince of Pentacles

lammas tarot 1

Pentacles brings us steadfast, reliable and practical energy. Representing the Earth element, its tied to materialism, work, hearth and home, and projects.

The Prince is also known as the Knight, whos ambition for action and valor seem to always keep him moving. Always focused on the next goal, the next step to greatness, the  next action to take to keep his responsibilities intact….

The danger in this, is that the Knight loses his sense of adventure, his playfulness and eagerness for exploration. Being too practical can cause one to miss out on the fun in life. Don’t take everything so seriously! You need a balance of work and play, your passion needs to be sparked by the wonder of the unknown.

Ace of Wands

lammas tarot 2

One of my favorite cards! Wands represents fire, and this card just burns with creative inspiration. It is the flare of enthusiasm, divine inspiration. It represents ideas bursting forth with eagerness and optimism. It is just the spark that the Prince of Pentacles is looking for!

Grasp hold of this fire energy and channel your passion. Let it show you what you are capable of. Write, draw, paint, craft, hike, cook, make love -now’s the time to activate that sacral chakra!

The Star

lammas tarot 3

How synchronous! This card has been showing up everywhere lately!

The Star brings us calm and healing water energy, and after the tenacity of the Ace of Wands, its surely needed! Her cool waters wash over us, signifying calmness and peace. Water represents our unconscious, and as a Major Arcana card, we know this card is one speaking to our deeper selves.

Symbolizing purity and innocence of power, the Star represents a growing inner confidence -you will “come into your own”, in a sense. 

We often see this card after emotional upheaval, and similar to the Tower, it refers to clarity after destruction. Where the tower signifies outer events, the Star is strictly a card of inner growth. You have recently gone through some challenging soul work -and the Star indicates a much needed reprieve.  

lammas tarot 7

Our message this Lammas, invites us to go on a deeper journey with the Universe. Very appropriate as we celebrate the first Harvest festival -as the wheel of the year approaches fall, the Goddess’ path turns inward and the motifs of the season become more existential….

We see this in the reading, as the Prince of Pentacles cautions against living too much in 3D. Though a good foundation on the Earthly plane is important, there is such a thing as being too grounded. Sometimes we even become workaholics! Take time to embrace your inner child and have fun 🙂

The Ace of Wands supports this notion by sending us its fierce fire energy, and igniting our creative natures. Fire energy is so abundant lately! (The Sun is in Leo, and today is also a New Moon in Leo!). You may suddenly find you have new ideas, such eagerness behind them that you simply must get them out! Or, an idea you’ve been cooking for a while is finally ready to be born! Spend sometime vacationing from 3d living (prince of pentacles), and instead channel this card of divine inspiration!

The Star supports these dreams by bringing clarity and inner peace. Spiritual Ascension is not always high vibes and chakra alignment, it is also a process full of turmoil and painful growth. The Star’s waters wash over our wounds and heal us.

We now have the confidence we need to walk this path, and live our truth. We are at peace with where we find ourselves on this journey….A great state of mind to have as we approach the mystical Autumn season!


I hope these words resonate with you, I am honored to share the message of the Universe!

Love and Light,


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Through the Looking Glass -a Story of Past Life Regression…

astral projection

The chance to do a Past Life Regression came to me at a time when I was feeling particularly disillusioned with my magickal life.

We all have those lows. Those times when ego has captured our psyches with its fear -and we walk through our days like zombies, out of touch,  just fending off anxiety…. I had been going through a particularly rough patch this past spring/early summer -the retrogrades really weighed me down, and my upcoming Saturn Return is always there looming over my shoulder……(you can read about this dark time in my Saturn Return blog later this year!)

So, as I was pulling myself up by my bootstraps once again, Jane offered to do PLRs for a group of our friends. Now, I am always trying to follow the signs, so even though I was really apprehensive (bc my ego had me caught up in panic and stress) -I jumped at the opportunity!

I had always been curious about PLR, and I had known I would do one eventually, but was I really ready?!?!

Here’s an excerpt from my Saturn Return article, just as I start to see the light at the end of the Tunnel….


I have had a breakthrough. I am so happy to say I can feel the magick once more. Its so funny how our lowest of lows can propel us to the highest of highs. Makes me think of the Wheel of Fortune card or The Tower card in Tarot…We must experience these cycles…the never ending ebb and flow…release to receive….plummet down a dark path, only to rise stronger…

the tower


The other day I was driving to work, and I was seriously riding cloud nine, I can’t remember the last time I felt so light. My vibrations were soaring. The music. The Numbers. The Animals. My eyes welled up with tears on 3 separate occasions. At one point I was shouting in my car, because I needed to get the energy out someway! I was in total awe of the magick around me. The universe filled me with such a sense of oneness and bliss, it was so beyond anything I’ve felt before. It was beautiful.

So, in the midst of struggling with the anxiety and other mentally crippling thoughts, I just kept pursuing answers. Indeed I felt I was grasping at straws. I cried to my guides to PLEASE HELP ME, and still the days were long and bleak. I managed to do a little bit of yoga, and I got really into a dark fiction novel that I think helped work through some of my sadness. (Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, if anyone’s interested! -all her stuff is awesome!)

I watched some wonderful spiritual videos on anxiety and empaths and EFT tapping (Bridget Neilsen is amazing) …….I just kept trying to follow the signs.

The Saggi full Moon we had in May  really brought some good energy. And I had a breakthrough tarot reading. “something hidden will be revealed” -this message rang hard and true for me, and I have kept my eyes peeled. Then, Jane offers to do a PLR and I’m thinking *Sync freakin Wink*!!

I set up the PLR for one week away, and I was pretty apprehensive about it. Its strange how when we are feeling anxious, the thought of things that used to excite us, can elicit so much fear.


I was toying around with PLR for a few years….catching glimpses of things during meditation, truths revealing themselves to me through beautiful synchronicities in my life….I had an inclination of what *some* of my past lives had entailed….The thought of gaining more details was exhilarating….

I made myself a comfortable spot in my meditation room, as if I were going to listen to some binaural beats. I laid out on my couch, got my video chat all set up on my phone (Jane and I are separated by this vast country, and so we did this via video chat! -which I actually think I would prefer anyway because I can be in my own environment)….set up some crystals, got some water and some cannabis….and met Jane in cyberspace…

Hypnosis is similar to guided meditation. Jane helps you relax into a trance state, and guides you through your regression. Its a little weird needing to describe what I am seeing in my third eye -versus just riding the waves as in normal meditation-but as you say aloud what you see, Jane takes notes and asks probing questions to go even further depending on your goals….

The following is a rendition of my Past Life Regression… I jotted down everything I could recall just moments after I came back to 3D….I replayed the last hour and a half through my mind, pausing at details and remembering more….As I have edited this piece over the past 2 months, my memory and experience grow stronger and I have been led to even deeper revelations. I am excited to share this with you!


I started off by making a spirit room. This is a sacred place, your “safe space”, that you can return to at any moment, and during any future meditation as well. Your guides visit you here…it is a blissful place, every person’s is entirely unique….

Images of handmade cushions float into my 3rd eye, and I enter a circuluar, dome shaped room. The cushions are all shapes and sizes, in bright vibrant prints, dotting the floor in clumps, all encouraging one to sink into their cozy material. It seems a little bohemian until my eyes find the bamboo walls -shooting up 10 feet in height, strung together with twine… and a dirt floor….There isn’t much need for decoration as the bamboo stalks and cushions are striking enough. A few shell windchimes and dreamcatchers hang over the  opening – a vast opening like the mouth of a cave -and I am not surprised to see I’m looking out at a jungle….


My wolf Totem, Esmerelda, is there -she is always by my side.

The goal of this PLR was to get in touch with some Starseed Origins, my star family guides, and explore my connections with Ancient Egypt. And so, as I progressively regress 😉 Jane helps me uncover truths about these magickal connections.

I look around the spirit room expectantly, and I invite another guide. As I move toward the entrance, I am greeted by (who else) – Anubis!

My heart starts racing as Jane guides me to ask Anubis about my ties to Sirius and Ancient Egypt. The scene switches, and my head swirls with veritgo as my question reaches intention.

I am looking at Anubis whos seated at a wooden table, in a primitive cabin of sorts… I am caught in this whirlwind of astral travel, my vision swirling around. I try to hold on, but my 3D ego is flooding me with panic.

An inscription. In a book. A tan diary with tied binding. Anubis is showing this to me as if it contains the secrets of life, stretching it across the table in an effort to have me see it- but I cannot make out the pages. My vision starts spinning like I’m super drunk, I try to stay grounded but its too much. I let Jane know that I need a break.

Jane helps me breathe through what she later describes as an “ego trap” -which is so accurate. I tell her in my trance state, that my ego has recently been attacking me physically, and part of my goal here was to purge this anxiety with the help of my guides…. I focus on my hematite wolf pendant, and I feel Esmerelda’s warm spirit…..

After a few moments I am ready to come back to it. Jane asks me to leave the spirit room and go to one of my past lives in Egypt.

Immediately I find myself standing on grass, and I can feel the heat from the desert sun radiating down. White light illuminates every direction, as if I just stepped outside after being in a dark room -it makes me squint. I wait for images to take shape, and  I feel breathless as I try to get my bearings.

“look down at your hands” Jane’s voice rings through dimensions… “Are they human?”

“Yes”… I reply – I look down at my human hands, bronze skin, many golden rings. I see my feet in sandals and a hemp skirt.

“Who else is near you?” Jane asks. Her calming voice is like cool water in this scorching sun, and I grasp hold of it and focus….I cast my gaze around, willing the burred edges to come into focus…I can make out people near an Acacia tree, about 100 yards away… and what appears to be some wagons/carts…Behind me I have a better view, and about 20 feet away, I see a male figure against a type of wagon (but it could’ve been an old truck or vehicle!)…


“Are they all human?” Jane asks pointedly….yes, and no….the male figure I can see appears to have antlers!! Yes, Antlers!!

To my right is a large wall, like that of the outside of a castle, but it is golden and rough as if made from golden cement.

I hurry past other people, along this golden sandy wall and around into a courtyard or town square type area…I am surrounded by stone buildings, grey now -no longer the golden sand material…I run up a wide, grandiose outdoor staircase, into a library. Its dimly lit because its after hours….The room I enter is small and cramped. The shelves are barely my height, and most of the room is dominated by the desk in the center…I find what I need instantly -as if I knew exactly where it was located. I am stealing a book. The same book that Anubis was showing me.

Then I’m heading towards the river and I get in a small boat. I start paddling quickly, as if escaping or hurrying away.

My name is Ilsa, and I am a hybrid. My father is from Orion, though I have never met him as he was only on Earth briefly. This is during a time when ETs coexsisted with humans, reproduction between the species was common. Though I have had many past lives as priestesses in Egypt, Ilsa is not a priestess. She is an herbal woman.

Jane inquires further about Ilsa, and her (my) life…She asks if I can describe my mother. As soon as I connect to this thought, I am gifted with a strikingly clear image of Ilsa’s mother. “Can you see her face?” Jane’s question ignites my chakras and at once I am looking my mother in the eye.

I recognize her instantly. Even separated by dimensions -there’s no mistaking those fiery eyes! “Do you know her in this life”? Even as I heard Jane asking, I already knew -Sage! (a close friend of mine, Sage!!)…at this realization my heart chakra blossomed and tears welled up in my eyes.

My breathing intensified, salty tears found their way to my cheeks, my vibrations soared and sizzled my skin. All of which must have been totally obvious to Jane, and she remarked “You’re feeling some feelings?”

Feelings indeed!! What a rush!! That was probably one of the most intense confirmations of meditation. Maybe the most intense.

Ilsa is awakened, and is fulfilling her starseed mission. She knows eventually humanity will come to the point where it is now, and she will be waking up as Ashley.

These profound insights into my past come through in vibrant visions, and I speak them aloud to Jane -as she asks me to describe more about who I am and what I am seeing….

Suddenly I Jump lives -I am walking on the edge of a cliff. It could be Ireland or Scotland judging by the way the rocks look against the ocean below. Cold and grey and jagged. Slabs of stone. Fields of dried out grass line my periphery, it could be late fall, or the middle of a drought….I am approaching an abandoned farm house.


“What is your name” Jane’s voice cuts through the scene. “Margaret” I answer immediately…

I get the sense that I have been here before, I am returning to this spot with an air of finality -I approach the farm house aggressively, expectantly….. I step across the threshold and find the inside is burnt to a crisp! A blackened staircase sags against the wall, its middle completely caved in. The doorway to another room is all I can make out amongst the dust…  Cinders float through the air, and its as if I reached out to touch something it would just *poof* crumble away into nothingness….

It becomes clear to me, that I did this. Margaret burnt this house down! I was coming back to look at my handiwork. I grew up here, but its not a place I’d like to remember. My father was Henry, and he was a farmer, very strict and I lived an oppressive life. I am the youngest of a large family, and my father is a lot older in my visual…..

When I finally escaped from here, and everyone else had moved on too, I came back and burnt it to the ground to try and work through my issues. mid-late 1800s.

The “issues” appear to be that of my Saturn Return. The journey Ilsa is going on, parallels this journey of Margaret’s. Only Margaret does not transmute it into light, and remains guilt ridden and pained.

I am approaching my Saturn return here on Earth now, as Ashley…its no coincidence that the past lives I am seeing into are also taking place during my Saturn Return years….

Jane redirects my focus back to Ilsa, and I return to my Egyptian past….

Ilsa reaches her destination. Southeast Africa. I meet a tribe of African people on the shore. Dancing. Torches. Fire ceremony. Smoking. Cooking. A celebration. They are expecting me back here with the book. They are the ones who taught me about the book. Though I am an herbal farmer by trade, I have taken a liking to spirituality and somehow got involved with these people who live so far south of my home…

They are glad to see me and even more glad that I brought back the book!  “What is this book?” Jane inquires….. My thoughts catch a snag again when I try to describe the book…. When I was on the boat I told Jane it was a guide. It has maps and instructions. Now that I am with the tribe I see that it is so much more. It helps us understand life and our origins. It helps us understand the Universe.

Back in my spirit room I invite a guide from my Star family, and I am able to see her for the first time. She has pink skin and an ethereal quality -like her edges are fuzzy, almost like she is a glowing light being, or a hologram. Her hair is a long silver with a hint of purple. It is beautiful and thick, tracing her shape as it cascades down her body, looking much like the Mother Confessor herself.{***Perhaps that’s why I connect SOOOOO Much to Kahlan?! (Terry Goodkind reference if anyone is a fan lol) }

alyona 2

Her face is not dainty as you might imagine. It is more bulbous with a brow bone that juts outward, and high cheekbones decorated with tiny spines like a dinosaur. Her nose is more sloped and flattened, with slit like nostrils…. She is breathtakingly beautiful. Her slender pink arms are decorated with blue tribal tattoos. I would love to learn more about that symbolism.

Her name is Alonya. She tells Jane and I, that while I don’t have past lives on the Pleiades, I am guided by the Pleiadians. Jane confirms that all humans have pleiadian genetics, dating back to the beginning of humanity.

Alonya comes to me in the form of my bird totems.  The bluejays, the cardinals, the seagulls, the doves….She tells all of this to Jane….I can feel an odd distance within me when a spirit guide is speaking, rather than “Ashley” speaking….

She says I can connect with her more through painting, and shows me a n image that I should paint. Ilsa says free writing is a better way of connecting with her.

Jane asks my guides if they can confirm what my mission is here on Earth: To continue the path that “shes” (Here I refered to myself in the 3rd person!) on….as an oracle, as a healer, spreading love and light and helping to raise the vibration…. I am a guide to others. This I know.

Jane asks Alona what I can do to work through these ego issues that have been popping up, and these Saturn return issues. Alonya says its got to be all encompassing. My diet, my yoga, my self care, my socialization, my meditation…..I have to LIVE MY TRUTH in all aspects. The physical ailments and emotional problems happen when something is off balance. Even just a toe over the line!

Basically, achieving higher vibrations in this human body is a challenging task. Its not exactly pretty, or painless. Makes me think of “shedding skin” (AHHH!! The snake symbolism from a few weeks ago!! Its here again!!)…..shedding skin must feel simultaneously painful, weird, uncomfortable and ultimately satisfying.

Like the epitome of renewal.

shedding skin 2


Being hypnotized was a lot like meditation. The fact that Jane was guiding me really allowed me to relax and go with the flow. It took a bit to get going, and we encountered some ego traps that made me feel dizzy and scared…but once I moved past this, my thoughts simmered down and I eased into a meditative state. The visuals flowed through my 3rd eye and out my throat chakra as I communicated with Jane.

I wasn’t sure how I would like guided meditation, hypnosis in this case -but once I opened myself to it, I was able to receive images and impressions much more easily than when I’m alone. Jane has a comforting voice and knows what types of questions to ask. She is very comfortable talking to guides and talking to you in different lives… having that reassurance allows you to feel safe, when otherwise you might be freaking out at the revelations your higher self is showing you!

I am grateful and in awe of what was presented to me. I am perturbed by the instance with Anubis….it reminds me of a  vision I had about a month ago, where an anime lookin dude was standing out in front of the pyramids with me saying “theres so much more I want to tell you, but you aren’t ready yet”……

I am grateful for the confirmations I received -Sirius and orion origins. Pleiadian guides. Pleiadian energy is probably the strongest for me bc it is what I need right now in this lifetime. These guides are helping humanity, they are assisting us in transmuting suffering and raising the vibration of the planet.

I am interested in Ilsa, and I am eager to incorporate her more into my life. I am still reeling from all of this. I feel I have broken through barriers. I feel I have gained access to hidden truths. I feel I have some direction to go in and explore.

…..”Something hidden will be revealed!!”….



Intrigued? Set up your own PLR with Jane! Visit her website here: http://www.hoodriverhypnosis.com/p/spiritual-regression.html


Until next time….

Love and Light,








Meet me at Midnight

With Fire in your Eyes

Let down your disguise

You know I like you bare at best…

Make me earn it

You tease the virgo in me

Clash against it

Push everything away your usual way

Run wild with me

You know you want this

Feed your adventure with me

Release your fire, Goddess

All I need is for someone to meet me halfway…


embers 1


I let you perplex me

I let you Vex me….

I let you have your way with me

You render me speechless

You leave me coming back for more

You provoke something deep within

You pull at strings already fraying at their ends

And I feel so compelled to keep you close

Can’t you just make the most

Of this strange life we are given

I am here to show you love

But still you shove

My unrequited needs under the rug

That’s not where I belong

Its been too long

Since our souls have said their peace

Its nice to meet

You on this 3D plane, drive me insane

With  your sweet talent

Of giving me that fire for which I yearn

No we can’t unlearn

The magick we awakened that day…

I know theres so much more to say

Like why you feel the need to pull away

Forever boomeranging on my heart strings

Is there nothing that inspires you to stay? …

Infinitely Untamable

Just as a Fire sign should be

And you love to push your limits with me

Aren’t you afraid my water might fizzle you out

Exploring the depth of my mermaid nature….

Did you find the balance that you seek?


embers 3.jpg

Let my waves cascade against you

Leave sizzling embers smoking on the ground

Theres no one else around

And this stormy forest scene suits us just so

Lightning bites into the night sky

Igniting the inferno in your eyes

The mist swirls in our faces

Light and refreshing on my skin

Do you want to let our egos win?

The answer is on your lips

It tastes like sweet seduction and the flavor burns my tongue

This cannot be undone, and already my soul is craving more…












…Once in a Blue Moon…in Sagittarius!

On May 21, we have a Full Blue Moon in Sagittarius!

Sagittarius is the adventurous sign, both practical and a little eccentric – Sag is known for turning goals into reality. The archer, shooting her bow full of optimism and enthusiasm into all areas of our lives -she doesn’t let anything bring down her vibe or her motivation.

The adventurer of the Zodiac -Sag is both the wanderer and the practical planner. She knows her desires and she knows just how to get them. Though she may invite a “grass is always greener” mentality -in this way Sag is always showing us how to keep getting better, keep moving forward, keep dreaming bigger dreams.


Sag full moon 7

This Full Moon is tied closely to the next Full Moon in June, as it is also in Sagittarius! Be aware of what comes to light during this moon, as it will come full circle next month.

We finally have a break through with this heavy energy most of us have been feeling. As the sun transitions to Gemini, and we welcome this Full Moon in Sag, I am feeling lighter and more inspired than I have in weeks! Full Moons are a great time for divination (especially blue moons!), and with all the wisdom of Sagittarius waiting to be called upon, it seems like the perfect time for a tarot reading!

Choose a card (or all 3!), and see what message Sagittarius and the Universe have for you this Full Moon!


Sag full moon 1






Sag full moon 3




Sag full moon 4.jpg

2 of Pentacles

*The juggler*

The 2 of Pentacles represents the art of Juggling, and the importance of maintaining balance whist doing it. The juggler is usually seen as happy and entertaining, showing us the importance of pleasure and amusement. Whatever it is that you are juggling, your *ATTITUDE* is what makes it a burden or a blessing.

Pentacles symbolize the 3D/material world, and Sagittarius is calling us out on the juggling we do to maintain our 3D lives as well as our spiritual lives. Do you feel this burden? Are you maintaining a positive attitude or are you grumbling?

Or, what superficial reality do we subject ourselves to despite what our souls crave?

Sagittarius wants us to follow our dreams, and we all know from experience that its not always easy, nor fun. But the wisdom of Sag reminds us that if we keep our eye on the prize, we can see how all these little mundane steps add up to our end goal. The attitude you have during the process makes all the difference.

There is a certain “playfulness” that this card evokes, reminding us *not to take life so seriously, and to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves*!

Sounds exactly like something Sagittarius would say!

Sag full moon 5

9 of Cups -Reversed

The Suit of Cups represents water and our emotions. The softer, hidden aspects of our psyche -similar to our natal Moon Signs-this is fitting, as Sagittarius is all about goals, desires, adventures and dreams (and taking action toward them!).

The playful sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius must be careful to keep her wits about her and not get lost in the excitement. This is where the 9 of cups comes in.

The reversed message of this card tells us that “something hidden will be revealed”. It emphasizes a rejection/realization of superficiality. Following the 2 of Pentacles in this reading (which was all about balancing our 3d lives and enjoying it while we do!), we can see the similarity here as the 9 of cups reminds us that superficial 3D life is NOT what we are here for!

The realization of this hidden truth will grant you the opportunity to find what it is that will truly make you whole – call upon the Saggi energies of this Full Moon to help you find what it is your soul craves!

As you uncover this message, you will feel incredibly lighter as a result. An oppressive situation will be dealt with, and you will learn the power of staying true to yourself.

That is, after all, the Ultimate Quest of Sagittarius.

Sag full moon 6


Justice, a Major Arcana card, brings a swift end as the final card in this reading.

The ultimate equalizer, Justice emphasizes the “balance” aspects this reading. It seems Saggi’s message for us is really challenging us to look at what we are *doing* in our lives.

How are we living? Are we living for our souls? Are we focused only on materialism? Are we focused too much on higher dimensional living?

Justice means “an evening out”. Justice demands reciprocation. This is not the benign balancing act we see with the first card, the 2 of pentacles…..even the things we wish to suppress come forward to be dealt with! (just as the 9 of cups says something will be revealed!)

Justice reminds us that there is balance in all things. And whether or not we seek it out, the Universe will balance it for us. Sometimes this can be painful if we are not doing the right kind of soul work, if we are not tuned in to what our higher self needs us to do on this Earthly plane.

Sagittarius wants us to go for it! In the end, we will get what we’ve *Earned*. Sag is the take action sign, fueled by passion and naturally curious, Sag challenges to go out there and get what we deserve!



It is my pleasure to bring you these messages and words of wisdom. Please note:

Every reading is channeled through the vibration of love and light, and the blessings of the Universe are invoked. Additionally, I burn sage/Palo Santo before each reading, bless with enchanted moon water and my altar room is protected with my own psychic shield as well as a crystal shield.
It is a great honor to share the message of the Universe with you, and so I begin each reading with a statement of gratitude and a brief meditation.
I hope this reading resonates with you.
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Full Moon in Virgo 2.22 Ready. Set. Action!

This Full Moon greets us from the sign of Virgo, and shines a light on the Virgo areas of our lives. Depending on where Virgo is in your natal chart, you can expect those energies to be heightened!

Full moons reveal that which lies beneath the surface – situations, dynamics, aspects of yourself that you may not have been aware of before. Now is your chance to awaken to the Virgo parts of your soul!

In the past year I have gotten to know my Virgo side much better…..I spent so long swimming in the depths with my Pisces Sun Sign -finally realizing and embracing my Virgo Ascendant sign has been a leap onto dry land. Pun intended.


As a Pisces Sun sign, with a Virgo Ascendant – I am quite excited and energized for this Full Moon. The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, where we also find Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune . On the 23rd these energies peak, and we can say “Welcome to Wonderland”.

Neptune is all about fantasy, and Pisces we know, is the emotionally charged intuitive. The dreamer and the seer. This is where we imagine our reality.

The Full Moon puts things into opposition, and so our Virgo energies are here to balance us out of our day dreaming. Virgo puts action behind our intentions.

Virgo is the Guru, the expert, fueled by passion and armed with the “know how” to get things done. If Pisces and Neptune help you see your purpose in this life, then Virgo asks: Now that you know what you want to accomplish, how are you going to get it done?




Psychic Pisces speaks from our shadow self, helping us to understand life’s existential mysteries. We are filled with *wonder*. Neptune takes this and runs with it, saying “I create my own reality…what is real anyway?” Through these aspects of our soul we come to find our deepest desires. Our ultimate goals. Our ideal job, living space, relationship. What have we envisioned for ourselves? What is our passion? Who am I? Who will I become?

Virgo takes these dreams and processes them. She knows how to talk to people and how to read the crowd. She wants to do things right, even if it means doing it the hard way. She wants to be known for living her truth -working from her heart with her passion.

Virgo is analytical and quick witted. She is cautious yet adventurous and always has a back up plan. “Determined” and “self driven” would describe Virgo very well. They are natural planners, organizers and leaders -if you ever had a boss/coach/teacher that really inspired you, chances are Virgo is strong in their chart.

Success is in the Nature of the Virgo, so it makes sense for us to all embrace our Virgo sides! As the Virgo Full Moon contrasts the Sun in Pisces with Neptune, we are given great insight and motivation to achieve our goals. Now is the time for brainstorming and planning. Soul Searching -does this job really reflect the person I want to be? How can my relationships become more healthy? How can I live my truth more completely?

virgo 2

We can harness this energy to put action behind our desires -feel that burst of energy to finally finish our resume, put in those extra hours studying, or take on an extra project at work to further our chances of promotion.

This applies to relationships as well, we are better communicators when we channel Virgo energies. We avoid arguments by understanding the other person’s perspective and being patient. We think from our hearts, not our egos.

We can also look at our desires for self love -and use the power of Virgo to finally get to the gym, to do yoga not twice but 3 times this week, or commit to that new daily meditation. Maybe we finally go vegetarian or attend that spiritual meeting we have been considering. Maybe its something as simple as allowing yourself that weekly ritual bath.

Whatever it is, if it supports our dreams, Virgo wants to help us make it happen.

virgo full moon

Now, that’s not to say that this is a good time to be making important decisions! Remember the fantasy aspects of Neptune -this will be strong with the Sun in Pisces from the 23 through 29. Depending on your individual chart, you may even feel aloof and cloudy these days. (I know I’m expecting that for me!)

So, while its good to take action with this Virgo energy -let it be subtle things that accomplish your end goal. Brainstorming, making lists, catching up on emails, shopping, making appointments, organizing, networking, attending meetings, picking up extra shifts….the list is endless. Just don’t go handing in your 2 weeks notice because you applied for that executive position on the day of the Full Moon! LOL! No life changing moves until atleast the 1st week of March Please!

This final week of February is also a Leap Year, the Quantum Leap Year. The age of Aquarius dawns -the age of Enlightenment, and we see  Humans begin to awaken at an alarming rate….As we absorb these Virgo enerigies -this Piscean time of dreamwork – as we look for the Map (virgo) to get to our Dreams (pisces). As we seek to know our true selves and how that fits in this 3D reality, I leave you with these words from Barbara Marciniak’s book:…


“Defy the laws of Humanity, it’s what you came here to do. You are the renegades, and we are renegades as well”… ~☆Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings of the Pleiadians~☆



In love and Light,



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Imbolc-the Fire Within

Imbolc has always linked me to an awakening.

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Though we are turned inward, dwelling in our winter shell, we feel the edge of something brighter, lighter, the cusp of fresh air -the breath of spring.

The first of the Fire Festivals, Imbolc burns with Transition Magick and energies of Rebirth.

The Goddess, awakened from her slumber, is reborn like the phoenix -the Maiden comes forth from the Crone.

The infinite cycle of Gaia. The wheel of the Earth.


It was Imbolc, several years ago, when I first felt the presence of the Goddess. Blazing bright in her Brigid form, she enveloped me in fiery orange light and my  heart filled with her warmth. Feeling true magick for the first time, feeling my vibrations raise as my mind was still so much 3D- my first true spiritual experience.

I knew then that I was about to embark  on a deeper journey. That through my studies with the craft, I had finally broken through enough barriers in my mind, to commune with divinity. To feel my own Magick. A “fire in the belly”…..

Imbolc. An ignition of creative life force. A surge of feminine strength that pushes you toward new heights, new dreams, new achievements.

Revive your creative force, awaken to your magick, and ignite the fire of Brigid within you.

Last Imbolc, I found my senses heightened, my mind attuned, my perception somehow skewed, or “readjusted” as a result of my “awakening”. I was suddenly able to look back at my life through 5D glasses. Events had new meaning, synchronicity was everywhere….

Again, Imbolc had brought a revival, a new perspective, a swell of fiery knowledge to connect me to my divine path….

I felt inspired, and so I made my first contribution to a new community I had joined -a hallmark of the road before me, and a reminder of how far I had already come. As I tested the waters of my new social outlet, I realized I was finally *home*. I felt included and understood for the first time in my life. And I was also impeccably aware of how much more mystery lied on my horizon.

‘Where will this road lead me?’ We wonder as we throw ourselves into the fire….

Fueled by an incessant kinetic ripple, a boil of energy hovering just beneath our skin….What do you choose to send forth into the Universe??

Imbolc encourages us to embrace this energy. The erratic and seemingly unhinged Fire element, shows us to lead our lives with passion and instinct. *FEEEL* with your Heart and Sacral Chakras….Feel your way  to your dreams.


Now is the time for manifestation, the time for planting seeds of ideas. Embrace Brigid’s Blessing of inspiration and achievement.

And so, I am left wondering what will come of this Imbolc, what awakening lies in store for me??

Although I can’t help but be a bit curious, I try to trust the Universe and so I open the existential door and I leave it wide open. I head down the path knowing something new awaits….And I challenge you to do the same…

Ignite your inner flame with the fires of Imbolc…feed your desires….




*~In love and Light~*